NY Images / Pre-Election Pandemic / Captions in Haiku

Views of Manhattan in October 2020

Bob Varettoni
Nov 7, 2020


All photos by me.

My poetry may be bad,

but I blame the news.*

Greetings from Ghost Town / Times Square on a weekday night / Crossroads of COVID
Church and State at dusk / All await, with a prayer / the dawn’s early light
Radio City / Anarchist Jurisdiction / in living color
The children of God / seek marble sanctuary / find cardboard refuge
East 43rd Street / relentlessly blowing steam / stirs man’s shuffling pace
Suspended in March / Grand Central in October / returning to life
Venmo accepted / The city re-forms. Because / true greatness is rare
Skyline at sunset / As far as my eyes can see / light blesses these souls
Vanishing tower / The only place in New York / surrounded by ghosts

*- With apologies to Lana Del Rey.

Originally published at http://varettoni.blogspot.com, with images from @bvarphotos on Instagram.



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