9 Photos on a Saturday in New York

Photos taken in Central Park on March 6, 2021; captions in haiku.

Running in circles,

imagining no heaven,

children laugh at us.

A cloud for a dress.

Pink carnations and a crown.

The world is your stage.

Two people apart.

Unmoved by the melody,

“Besame Mucho.”

Ride available.

White chariot, lined in red.

Remember this day.

Lost in the moment.

The one thing I share with you.

Lost in the moment.

Document our love.

Compare it to the skyline.

Our smiles, brighter still.


plays music for us to dance,

in social distance.

We’re all mad, Alice.

We were different people then.

Curiouser now.

We are not posing.

We are in a fairy tale.

You do not exist.

Originally published at http://varettoni.blogspot.com. Photos: @bvar