12 Days of Christmas in New Jersey

Looking back on 2021 with appreciation for my home, and the people and things that surround me

Day 1 — Budd Lake

Nonno’s basement workshop, frozen in time.
Nonna’s untended garden.

Day 2 — New Bridge Landing

The barn at New Bridge Landing is a work of art.

Day 3 — Villa Milagro (and Bogota)

Vineyards in Phillipsburg.
The cork tree at Riviera Maya in Bogota.

Day 4 — Freehold

Waiting for a fire in Freehold.
Overcoming Faith Temple, on Haley Street in Freehold.

Day 5 — Asbury Park

Day 6 — Middletown

Middletown Reformed Church

Day 7 — My Mother’s Garden (Totowa)

Mom’s garden in May.
Mom’s garden in December.

Day 8 — American Dream Mall

American Dream’s “Secret Garden.”

Day 10 — Weehawken via NJ Transit

The view from Weehawken (from top) in May, July, October, and December.

Day 11 — Waterloo Village

Day 12 — Paterson



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